A bit of history

2015 year

Inspired by the world-famous Italian classic furniture, made of natural wood, but not all affordable, we decided to create a more affordable, but no less quality product, which quickly fell to the liking of our compatriots.

2016 year

Thinking not only about adults, but also about our children, have developed several bedrooms especially for them. And also complemented the existing collections with living rooms. There were opened 3 furniture salons, where our products are presented.

2017 year

Two lines of neoclassical bedrooms have been launched, which have a huge success in the Ukrainian market to date. The number of official salons has increased to seven in the territory of our country.

2018 year

At the International Furniture Exhibition there are three ultramodern bedrooms. Launched a new large-scale project for the production of kitchens for individual orders ...

We strive to

  • ensure the comfort of people at their homes, as well as the best service at fair prices;
  • guarantee quality, safety and trust, so you can be sure of our work;
  • Successfully follow the trends of styles, develop new methods and innovations in furniture design, and always provide a sought-after product;
  • create trends and unique collections of furniture, accessible and desirable for all people;
  • Remain an international supplier and generator of changes in the furniture sector.

Our Directors

Experienced and skilled employees and managers. You will definitely be satisfied with the result, as we guarantee the best service!

Kolesnik A.V,
founder and creative leader
  of TOPART Nature of Art
“We always exceed our customers’ expectations”

Kolesnik M.V,
founder and commercial director
of TOPART Nature of Art
“Transparent relations with partners – the key to successful business”